A reason to constantly return to a location

Low Tide Sunrise - Cedar Point

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Low tide can be a horrible time to shoot. There’s usually not a lot of wave action at the beach, Big Talbot’s trees are completely out of the water, and anywhere else just looks like mud.

All the same, I woke up early for no apparent reason and decided to go shooting. The water vapor and infrared GOES images looked decent enough. We east coast people don’t have it as easy as the west coast people do. They can plan a sunset based on visible satellite and their own observations. There’s always a large amount of guesswork that goes into what a sunrise/sunset will look like, but it’s even more guesswork to do a sunrise. I digress.

I chose to go to Cedar Point since I haven’t been out there since March. There are very few compositions to shoot as you’re pretty much stuck on a dock or walking around in shin-deep mud. I still like it–until the jon boat owners show up to attempt ruining my shots when the light just starts to get good. Before the boat owners show up, it’s so peacefully quiet. It’s a happy place.

I sat here and watched these thunderheads develop from mere tiny cumulus clouds into full blown thunderheads. It’s amazing how quickly they developed: less than an hour.

Note the lack of noise in the shadows. I’ve finally started to perfect the Uni-WB STTR method. It’s the closest thing to exposing for shadows/zone system style shooting one can do on a digital. Remember: all of the information resides in the highlights.

I think I may teach a workshop on this method soon if anyone is interested. It can really maximize your sensor’s capabilities and give you buttery smooth images.


One thought on “A reason to constantly return to a location

  1. Great post and what a beautiful photo. If you get the chance to go kayaking out there you could get so many more perspectives. Indeed it is one of the most peaceful places to be in all of Jacksonville.

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